Airtel Opera Mini Handler Tricks [Complete guide]

Let’s face it, if we could have free internet, then why would we never pass on it. Correct? Of course, it is. The opera mini handler does exactly that for you. It will let you access free WiFi and the internet from open ports. The process isn’t as simple as logging in and neither is it rocket science.

To understand the working of the opera mini handler, you can read on, and you will understand the process of getting free and available internet for you.

Airtel mini handler

What is an opera mini handler apk?

Opera mini handler apk has been invented by someone good with the knowledge of android development codes and proxy servers. To use the opera mini, you will need the opera handler and the proxy server of the internet. It can be used for android, iOS, and Windows. This is also a synonym of the opera server and it is similar to the opera.

The internet is also customized to make certain changes in the settings as the VPN services work on the host and proxy servers. Due to the customizable options, the opera can enable you to add your proxy settings and host. If these match with your network server, then you will get free internet.

The one drawback with the opera mini handler is that it doesn’t work in all the regions. With the details you will get in this article, you can download the same and use it if it works in your area, then you have struck gold. The tricks that work most in the handler are the droid VPN trick and hammer VPN.

Because of the opera handler, you can browse and download files securely from the internet. If in case, it doesn’t work in your area, or you have issues with the same, then you can also use other internet tricks that are easily accessible as well.

Is opera mini handler safe for use?

With us getting to know about the tricks to use the internet for free, it makes us wonder if it has any virus or if it is unfit to use for android devices. What if it corrupts the applications and software of the phone? Rest assured; the opera mini handler is safe to use. This is because all the opera mini users use their operating systems with a different set of modes for every opera mini version.

 The four systems that can run opera mini are android, ios, J2ME, and android phone. The three types of rendering engines depend on the mode that is chosen by you or operating an opera mini handler. Two types of opera mini will help you to store information as it is cloud-based. The other will compress your screen for better use. You can choose which model to choose depending on your requirements and needs.

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What are the opera mini handler tricks?

As you have understood, that mini handler will allow you to change, as well as customize the proxy servers and header files. For using the opera mini, you can open some proxy servers that will allow you to get free internet. You can learn from the below-mentioned points how you can get internet from open ports by changing its servers.

Requirements for handling the opera mini handler:

  1. The android mobile will support the opera mini handler apk in all its versions and models.
  2. You also need to download the opera mini handler on your android electronic device.
  3. You will also need a sim card (airtel most probably) if you wish to use the opera handler.

What are the features of the opera mini handler?

  1. The main key feature of the discharge opera mini handler is that it works in the mobile phone sim card that has zero balance.
  2. It will also need support for mini handler apk download
  3. You will also need good internet service so that you can efficiently browse on the internet.

How can you download the opera mini handler?

You can download it from this link. You will then enter the child lock- When you will open the installed opera handler apk, for customizing the settings, you will have many options, and they are as allows. I have mentioned the different settings, options, criteria, and steps for the same. Read the following:

Method 1-

This will work if your proxy type is HTTP or HOST. Your proxy server has to be

You can find this here.

Method 2-

Method 2 works when you have a proxy of Real Host proxy. The proxy server will be

or it will also work if your front query is

and your proxy type is the real host. The proxy server will be The primary server is, and the secondary server is

How to open and install the opera mini handler for android?

  1. The first and foremost step is to download the opera handler.
  2. Then, install the application on your android electronic device.
  3. If this is your first time using the opera mini handler, then a message will pop up that will indicate the error. This message will be on your screen as “unknown sources”. If such a thing happens then go to the settings of your phone, and then select the option of security. In it, you will see “unknown sources” written. You need to enable it and you will be able to use it.
  4. After you have it enabled, tap on the install for opera mini handler to install it on your android device that has 3G internet service.
  5. You need to then open the opera mini handler and go to the settings of the applications.
  6. Then you can customize the settings according to your needs.

Settings of the opera handler:

  1. You need to first create a new APN by making use of the settings of your electronic device, i.e. phone.
  2. Enter this code “” in the space that is assigned for proxy.
  3. In the space for the port, you need to type “80”.
  4. When you will open it, you will be asked to enter the code for child lock. This code is
  5. Then next, you have to enter “” in the primary server. You also have to enter in the front query. In the secondary server, you need to add
  6. Once you have added all of this successfully in their precise blanks, you need to save the same by clicking on “save”. Now you can easily browse the internet at full speed and search whatever you want, and can also access all the sites on the internet.

How to use or open the opera mini handler?

  1. Once you have entered the above-mentioned information in the settings and have successfully saved it, then open the opera mini handler application and follow the steps that you have mentioned below.
  2. You have to type in the front query section of the application. You can copy-paste the syntax as well for smooth functioning. Try browsing the internet after this step. If this fails, then there are certain additional means by which you can avail of the free internet services. You can follow the guidelines below for the same.

After you have added the above settings efficiently and precisely in their place, click the save button once again. Then on your opera handler application and your android, retype the syntax

You can click Save on the settings, and then you can avail yourself of the free internet for surfing whatever you want to surf.

The methods that are mentioned above are tested, verified, and proved to work. If you are looking for free internet services, then you can easily download the opera mini handler on your android application and avail yourself of the free internet services. If you are a user of the airtel sim card on your android device, then you are truly in for a treat! It works best with airtel.

However, Airtel hasn’t passed any comments or announcements on the same and it is the work of an anonymous man, but with these tricks, you can be guaranteed to use the opera handler for free internet. It is sure to work if the opera mini handler is supported in your region and locality.  Whether you wish to stream your shows, apply for a job interview, or to find informative videos and slides, you can use it just like your regular internet.

All of this is available to you with an android phone, a sim card with zero balance, and the knowledge of the above-mentioned tricks. You can follow any trick that suits you and works best with your electronic device. The opera mini will work in most states, and it should work for you as well. In any case, if it doesn’t, there are many internet techniques out there that will help you avail yourself of the free net.

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