10 Best Logo Makers to Try Online

The logo is the face of any business and should be created very wisely. We should be very selective when it comes to logos. And if you’re also looking for the one then this best online logo maker will help you get the best logo.

Here we have selected the top 10 best online logo maker websites based on the various factors for you. You can select any one of these and get a great logo for you at almost no cost.

best logo maker online

When professional developers charge $100-$1000 for a logo, these best online logo makers can either get you a free logo or at minimum cost. Before we look for the top 10 best logo maker websites, let’s look at how to pick the best logo maker.

How to select the best logo maker for you

When you will be selecting the best online logo maker for you, make sure to check below logo maker checklist below to get the best.

  • It aligns with your brand and message
  • Check the color combinations and make sure it aligns with your website
  • It should look professional
  • it must have the customization features like changing the color and font of the text, changing the color, size, and shape of icons, and more.

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Quick list of best 10 Online logo makers

Here is the list of the top 10 best logo makers which we are going to compare in this post-

  1. Canva
  2. ucraft
  3. GraphicSprings
  4. Tailor Brands
  5. Namecheap
  6. Hatchful
  7. BrandCrowd
  8. Spark by Adobe
  9. Oberlo
  10. Crello

Now let’s quickly look for the details about these logo maker tools. We will see which are best as per your need.

10 Best Logo Generators Compared


Canva is a leading graphics design company offering various products in the graphics space. It’s a self-serve platform where you can create many graphics including-

  • Logo
  • Visiting card
  • T-shirt, and more

As said earlier, Canva is a free platform but charges for premium content like icons, images, etc. If you won’t use any premium items, it’s free for you.

Canva logo maker

As you can see above, you can start creating the logo by adding a layer. It can be an image or color, or transparent background. Further, you can add text, icons, and others as required.

Later you can play around with the fonts and colors to make the best. Once done, you can download the logo and start using it wherever required.

Canva Pricing

Canva is free if you’re using your own images or free items in Canva. If you want to use premium items then their price will be mentioned along with the items and usually, it will be $1. Although Canva has a pro license which costs $12.95 per month.


The second in our list of best online logo makers tools are ucraft. It’s a super easy interface where adding or removing the elements is very easy.

Basically, it’s a website builder that also offers you to create a free logo easily. You can follow the below link to directly open the ucraft logo maker interface and start designing a business logo.

As you can see in the below image, it’s just a three-step process where you can add icon, text, and shape. Later you can decide to enable or disable the background.

ucraft online logo maker

ucraft Pricing

ucraft logo maker is completely free to use and you can download your logo files in different formats. If you are looking for SVG format also then you need to pay $10.


GraphicSprings UI is somehow similar to a page builder UI where first it will ask you to enter your business name followed by the category. And then it will show you different icons from the category selected.

Once you have selected it, it will show you the preview where you can make changes. You can customize the color, fonts, layers, size, and more of your logo. You can also add your custom image if you have followed another set of customizations.

GraphicSpring online logo maker

Once you’re done, you can click on the download of your logo button at the bottom to get your logo.

GraphicSprings Pricing

GraphicSprings Logo Maker is not free, and you need to pay them to download your logo. although they offer a money-back guarantee but still for any logo format you need to pay. Below are their pricing plans-

  1. Basic plan- You will get high resolution JPG file at $19.99
  2. Standard plan- This costs $39.99 and you will get HQ JPG, PDF, PNG files. You can also download your files anytime and can download in any size
  3. Platinum Plan- Apart from everything in the pro plan, the platinum plan also offers PSD and EPS files along with a branded PowerPoint presentation template. It costs $199.99.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a premium platform for creating a business logo online. It will help you get the best logo as per your business niche and requirements.

It will ask you about your domain where you’re working like technology, healthcare, etc. Also, it will ask you what you do like whether you’re a blogger or business owner, etc. Along with it, Tailor Brands will ask you few more questions like the kind of logo you’re looking for, your choice, what you like, and more.

Based on all these it will generate some awesome logos for you. This is really a go-to platform for online logo making for all who don’t wish to spend hundreds of dollars.

TailorBrands online logo maker

On the final screen, you can make as much customization you want and finalize your logo. And then finally proceed to checkout.

Tailor Brands Pricing

As said, Tailor Brands Logo Maker is a premium platform and so to download your logo, you need to pay. Below are their pricing plans-

  1. Basic– $4 per month – It comes with HQ files, logo resize tool and watermark tool
  2. Standard- $6 per month- If you want to create business cards and images, this is for you. It comes with 500k+ icons. Standard plan comes with these along with what you have in basic plan.
  3. Premium- It costs $13 a month and is for those who are looking for social media items also.

Namecheap – Best Online Logo Maker

Yes, Namecheap is not just a top hosting company but also have website builder, domain registration, and logo maker services as well.

I found the Namecheap logo maker easy to use and has some great libraries for images and icons.

The interface will first start with your business name and the niche of your business. Later it will show you different fonts to get your taste. Finally, will ask you for the icons.

Once done, it will show you many options for logos depending on what you have selected. You can select the desired and proceed to further customizations.

Namecheap online logo maker

I found it very easy to use the platform and generated some great logos for me.

Namecheap logo maker pricing

This platform is completely free to use. Just create your best logo online and download it for free. Along with it, Namecheap will also show you the business card designs, and if you wish you can download them too.


Hatchful is a free online logo maker website by Shopify. The best thing about Hatchful is, within just 4-5 clicks you can generate some great logo templates and then select the best from them.

They have hundreds of templates ready to be used and you can start with the one which you like most. I found Hatchful great for beginners to start with.

Just select your niche, decide to look & feel, provide your business name, and pick your unique icon. And done, your logo is ready to be used. Further, edit and customize your logo as per the requirements.

Hatchful online logo maker

Hatchful Logo Maker Pricing

Like Canva, a Hatchful logo maker is free to use and only you pay when you use any premium templates.


BrandCrowd is another awesome online logo maker platform allowing you to create and download some great business logos.

BrandCrowd online logo maker

You can start with BrandCrowd logo maker just by providing the business name and it will suggest many logos for you. From the list, you can select one and start editing it. Once you’re done, proceed to download it.

BrandCrowd logo maker Pricing

BrandCrowd is a premium platform and charges for downloading the logo. They have the following pricing options-

  1. Standard logo plan- It costs $20 as a one-time fee. Here you get HQ files including vector, and transparent files. You also get different variations of the logo files
  2. Premium Logo Plan- It costs $15 per month and you get a signature, social media templates, business cards, and more as well. This is for marketing guys. If you buy the annual plan then it just costs $5 per month.

Spark by Adobe – Best Online Logo Maker

You can create some eye-catching logos with the help of the Spark by the Adobe platform. It is a free platform by the market leader Adobe which allows you to create business logos in minutes.

You can start with the Spark platform by signing up and then it will ask for the size. For the logo, I recommend you using the custom size and then put your desired size. Further, it will ask you to select photos or you can upload your own.

Spark online logo maker

Further, it will open an editable interface where you can develop the required logo. You will find the interface pretty like what we have in Canva. Once done, you can download your logo where it will ask you to select the file format and background. I recommend downloading the PNG file in transparent background.

Spark Pricing

Spark by Adobe is free to use and you won’t be charged anything till the time you have used their premium templates.

Oberlo – Top Logo Maker Website

Oberlo is a well-known name in the dropshipping domain and allows you to create the logo as well.

Oberlo online logo maker

You can start by entering your business name followed by the icon. And then start customizing it as per need.

Oberlo Pricing

The logo maker by oberlo is free to use. Develop your logo and sign in. Further, you can download it and start using it.

Crello – Free Online Logo Maker

Crello is a free online logo maker platform where you can design your business logo. The process to develop the logo remains the same and starts with your name.

Further, you can add templates, icons, colors, fonts, and more as needed.

Crello online logo maker

I found the template library of Crello amazing. And not only logo but you can design marketing materials as well.

Crello Pricing

Crello is a free platform where you can design and download your logo. But if you want to use premium templates, you can subscribe to the Crello pro plan which costs $9 per month.

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Final Words on Best Logo Maker

If you’re a DIY type person, you can use any of the above online logo maker websites to get a logo for you. It’s easy and you can use it anywhere.

Although the alternative is always there where you can get the logo designed by someone. Which one do you prefer?

Please feel free to share any other platforms which you have used to get your logo with us.

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