6 Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10

Are you looking to run or test iOS apps but don’t have iOS devices?

Well, nothing to worry about!

There are many best iOS emulators for Windows 10 PC which can help you with. These iOS emulators for windows 10 PC will help you run almost all the iOS apps on your windows operating system.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10

Needless to say, Apple systems and devices are costly and everyone can’t afford it. And it’s not possible for all of us to buy expensive gadgets or systems. Or it can be like you just need to test an iOS app so it doesn’t make sense to buy a dedicated device for that.

No matter what is your requirement but if you’re looking to work with any iOS app and you have a Windows PC then this article is for you. Here I am going to talk about 6 best iOS emulators for Windows 10 PC.

Benefits of Using iOS Emulators for Windows 10 PC

There are many features and benefits of using iOS emulators and some of those I am talking below-

  • Easy to use
  • cost effective
  • low infra knowledge required and more…

So far, you know what is an iOS emulator and the benefits of using an iOS emulator. Now let’s talk about some of the best iOS emulators for Windows 10 PC.

Top Best iOS Emulators for Windows 10 PC

This article is being developed keeping developers in mind and so, based on research The247Tech team, we found below are the leaders in the segment-

  1. Appetize
  2. Ripple
  3. iPadian
  4. TestFlight
  5. MobieOne Studio
  6. Air iPhone

Now let’s start and see their details one by one-


I have personally used Appetize.io and can say it is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows 10 PC. This is a freemium service and provides an excellent platform for developers and general users.

The best thing I found with Appetize.io is, you just need to upload your app file on their website and done. You can now start using iOS apps on windows PC. I personally recommend Appetize.io to developers as they can use it for the app streaming just in the browser. They can use it for demos, training, customer support, development, and testing purposes.

Working with Appetize.io is just a 3 steps process

Appetize.io Pricing

Appetize.io offers both free and premium plans. For 1 session and 100 minutes per month uses, it’s free. If looking for more, you can subscribe to the paid plan which starts at $40 per month.


Ripple is another great iOS emulator for Windows PC and pretty much does the similar work as Appetize. The difference is Appetize work in a web browser and Ripple work as a Chrome extension.

Ripple is pretty popular among web developers for testing cross-platform mobile and HTML5 applications easily. It saves a lot of time and doesn’t consume many resources.

Ripple Pricing

Ripple is completely free to use.

As of writing this article, the Google chrome webstore is showing 404 error for this app.


Probably, this is the most popular iOS emulator for Windows 10 PC. It is so popular that, many new iOS emulators came into the market which is similar to iPadian. But those apps don’t let you upload your app or code. Instead, those apps work like a custom layer on the top of your operating system.

If you’re simply looking for a simple and easy to use app which can let you replicate the features and designs of iOS, iPadian is for you. When you are using iPadian, it becomes pretty difficult to make the difference between iPad and simulator. The App icons, gestures, and background gives an almost similar feel like you’re working on the actual iPad.

iPadian Pricing

iPadian is a premium tool and comes at $25.

TestFlight – Official iOS Emulator for Windows 10 by Apple

TestFlight became so popular that now it is a part of Apple. It is another top iOS emulator for Windows 10 PC. Before it was acquired by Apple also, TestFlight was one of the top choice by the developers for beta testing. And definitely now you can call it as an official app by Apple for beta testing.

One of the major reason why this become so popular is the TestFlight’s documentation. You can find almost everything in their documentation which is a key when someone new is working on it.

The only drawback of this app is the technicalities involved here while installation and uses. Also, you need to create an App store profile to use it.

TestFlight Pricing

TestFlight is free to use.

MobieOne Studio

The #5 in our list of top iOS emulators for Windows 10 PC is MobieOne Studio. Like Xarmin TestFlight, MobieOne Studio is also one of the favorite iOS emulator which you can use to run all your iOS apps.

MobieOne Studio is a premium app and provide advanced support to the developers. The best thing is even if you’re not a developer but wish to develop an app, work with their documentations and guides and you will be able to.

MobieOne Studio Pricing

MobieOne Studio is a premium app and offers 07 days of free trial. And then you can buy for $39.99.

Air iPhone

Last but not the list, Air iPhone is another great iOS Emulator for Windows Operating System. With the help of the Air iPhone, you can make and receive calls, messages, contacts apart from downloading and installing iOS apps on windows PC.

Air iPhone is compatible with all the latest iOS versions and iPhones 7/8/10/11 apps. Also, it supports all the major Windows Operating Systems like XP, 7, 8, and Windows 10. Along with all these, if you are looking for an iPadian alternative, Air iPhone is for you. It also provides you almost exact interfaces like the iPhone and iPad. For the developers, it’s a good platform to test their app before pushing to App Store.

Concluding: best iOS emulator for windows 10

These were some of the best iOS Emulators for Windows 10 PC. Some of these are free while others are paid. If you’re a developer or someone who occasionally needs to play some iOS apps, these can be helpful.

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