10 Best Free VPN for Android

When you use the best free VPN for android you are always afraid of the consequences such as the data, personal records, and history being stolen, and then bid to the highest bidder. This seems pretty scary? Right? Right. This is why here are some of the free VPN for your android devices. But remember, even if you sign up for free VPN, they do have some limitations.

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If you are fine with the limitations such as a month set allowance of the data and some may even select the location for you automatically, then this is the service you should sign up for. There are also some paid VPN, but if you wish to know the 10 best free VPN for android, then read on as that is what is listed here today.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a short form for a virtual private network. What the free VPN server does is that it routes through your data via the server and encrypts it for you. This will be done before you visit the website you wish to. In layman’s terms, because of the VPN, you can change your IP address. A person sitting in America can convince others that he’s actually in India. This has one crucial benefit, and that is Netflix. If you think that it is unfair that US Netflix has more shows than any other region, then VPN will change your location to the USA so that you can enjoy your favorite show.

It also has other advantages such as free access to many popular services across the globe such as the BBC, which has many great shows in the UK. You can be completely anonymous online due to the best VP for android. A VPN can also hide your browser history and your ISP cannot see the history if you are hooked on the VPN. However, be aware of the precaution said earlier, they sometimes sell your information and history to the highest bidder.

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10 best free VPN for android

Let’s start and explore best free VPN for android-

TunnelBear Free VPN

TunnelBear Free VPN

If you want the best VPN download, then this will give you 500MB data per month. You can use it easily, and it doesn’t require a credit card for using it. The server can be chosen from 23 countries. It’s free, and yet there are no ads. It also has a strict no-logging policy.

If you tweet about the app, download it on your PC or invite a friend, it will give you free valid data for a month. Unfortunately, you cannot roll over the unused data for the next month. If you wish to go for a paid plan for more data, then the price starts at $4.99 per month if you pay for a year in advance.

Kaspersky VPN secure connection

Kaspersky VPN secure connection

This is the best free VPN for android Reddit and it will offer you 200MB of data per day. You can avail 300MB data per day if you are connected with my Kaspersky account. Approximately, you will get 6 GB of data per month.

Since it’s free, it is a bargain, and yet it also has limitations such as its not ideal to use for power users. You cannot choose your location, the server will automatically choose it for you. You can start using the application with a single tap. If you register with them and apply for a year subscription, then data will be available unlimited at $2.5 per month.

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Hotspot shield

Hotspot shield

Many of its features will make it the best free VPN for android. You will get 500MB of data per day, which is a total of roughly 15GB of data per month. It’s not recommended for heavy usage but it’s better than the rest of the plans. You aren’t required to share your credit card and email address information to start using the application. You need to download the application, press on “connect” and done.

The 2 major drawbacks are that there are ads present and you cannot choose your server, the application does it for you automatically. There is a no-logging policy. If you want to get rid of ads and get an unlimited net, then the plans are $7.99 a month.

Avira Phantom

This free VPN server provides the data of 500B per month. You can select your server with this application, and you get to choose from 40 locations. If you wish to use the application, download, select your server location, and start using it. If the VPN connection drops, you cannot get any tech support. Its annual fee is $78 for free unlimited data and it means monthly you have to pay $6.5.

Hide me

Hide Me

Hide me is one of the best VPN for Android as it offers you 10B of the data per month. There are only four locations out of which you can choose your location, i.e. Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, and the USA (east and west coast).

It also assures you that the application will not log your activities, and hence rest assured, your data will not be provided to the highest bidder. Without giving your credit card information, you can use it in simple steps. If you wish for unlimited data, then their prices range from $4.99 to $12.99 per month. Your subscription length will decide the pricing.



Speedify is one of the best VPN downloads, and it will offer you 2 GB of data per month that you can access from only one device. You can set up without having an account. The server will locate you to the fastest VPN in your location, or it also allows you to choose your server.

It will provide 37 locations to choose from, as well as complete anonymity as it has a strict no-logging policy. If you want unlimited data, then the aid plans are $9.99. The highlight is that you can access it for $2.99 if you sign up for 3 years.



It is the best free VPN for android Reddit and offers 10GB of data per month. This can only be accessed if you enter your email address. If you choose to skip it, then you can get only 2GB per month. You can also select the server you wish to. There are a total of 20 servers from 10 countries.

You can also avail of their special feature which will allow you to choose which app will go over to the VPN. The unlimited paid version will cost you $9. You can cut the prices to $.08 a month if you sign for a year.



This is one of the best free VPN for Android as it offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. It’s ideal for those who travel and wish to try a premium VPN. It can also unlock many popular and commonly used websites. You can also use the same account for 6 devices at the same time. The software of the application will block ads, malware, and viruses. You will also get a no login policy with his app.

Opera VPN

Opera VPN

This free VPN server will offer you unlimited data, bandwidth, and speed only if you open it in the opera browser. It only works in the opera’s browser. It protects the information that you send and receive through your browser. It also doesn’t have any ads. It will not encrypt the data from your apps and P2P connections. They have three server locations that you can choose as your location, i.e. USA, Europe, and Asia.


The best VPN for android will give you unlimited data. You can use this although android for any other device anonymously, for as long as you want. If there are a lot of users online, the speed will be a little compromised. It will offer you three locations as server locations to choose from, they are Japan, Netherlands, and the USA. The setting up and using process is easy, and here you will have to make an account.

After your sign up, you can avail of the seven-day free trial run. Whether you use it for free or paid, the application doesn’t have any ads. It has no login policy, and if you are a free user, then you can only connect one device at a time. The paid versions range from $3.29 to $ 19.96 for a month.

Is it safe to use a VPN?

The best VPN download, could either be safe or not be safe. It could go either way. It mostly depends on the servers. The ones listed above are mostly safe, and yet it isn’t guaranteed. When you register for the free VPN service, the owner has to make money somehow. Sometimes they make it via ads, other times via selling your information to the highest bidder, and at times even both. Technically, it is doing the same thing that it is protecting you from. 

When you are choosing the VPN services, you can do a little research. You can check what the users’ reviews are about. You can also dig up some newspaper clippings for any disturbing news. The research will at least assure you that you are using the right application. This, however, doesn’t again ensure that a company will stick to its principles and not sell your information.

Can VPN be installed on a gaming console or TV?

The best free VPN for android Reddit will work best and support an Android TV, however, it won’t support the other smart TV. It also will not support Xbox and PlayStation 4. Yet, people have invented some tricks and hacks around it. You can install the VPN directly on your router and it will provide you with secure data to all your devices including the TV and gaming console. Hence, your devices will get data as soon as you go online, and there is no need to individually download the VPN on all the devices. 

Unfortunately, not all VPN servers will provide this facility to you. You will also need a supported router additional if you wish to do this. Even if you manage to find a server that works on the router, and you have a supported router, it is still a big risk to expose your TV and gaming console to the VPN. The sole reason is that the data provided by VPN servers is too low for accessing games and watching shows online. If you have a paid subscription, then yes you can opt for this method.

Should you opt for a free or paid VPN?

If your use is light browsing and you wish to use the internet for just home purposes, then the best free VPN for android can work for you. If you wish to stream shows, play high data consuming games, and frequently download on your device while keeping your server address private, a paid version will make much more sense to you. The way out of “this or that” situation is to try a week’s free trial period to test the VPN.

Not all the VPN servers provide it, but some do. It will give you unlimited data, good speed and you won’t have to worry about the company selling your browser history as much with it. If you don’t like it, then unsubscribe after the week’s trial, and if you do like it, then you can pay and get an unlimited high-speed net. You can check out the plans offered by the servers listed above, and choose one as you like.

These listed are the best free VPN for android, and you can use any of them for a great service. Which one to use, whether you should use a paid or free version, is it safe, etc. is all answered for you. You have all the information you need for making a sound decision about your VPN. You can now easily enjoy free internet for your use, as well as stay anonymous on the internet. The VPN can be used to access many popular streaming devices such as Netflix, BBC, etc. You can truly enjoy the services of the website of any country by changing your location using the best free VPN for android.

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