A little Problem

Her head was still buzzing. It hadn’t abated.

The scent of burning persisted in her nose still. This was the last thing she needed now. But she couldn’t have known that it would get even worse because just close to her, a car was parking and down came the windows. As she laid eyes on the driver, her heart skipped two beats.

A Quick Morning

Up until now, the morning had been crazily fast.

5-year old Kenneth, Tina Jacob’s son, was running late for swimming practice and the shopping list looked like it had multiplied and gotten more expensive than anticipated. To top it off, 2-year-old Mary, her daughter, was wailing loudly about her new socks that didn’t feel right.

Bad Start

Tina was a single parent. This translated to taking the kids everywhere herself and handling all the house chores alone.

She sort of had two jobs and felt like she was everywhere at the same time, even on the good days. However, today didn’t begin so well and was even on the verge of spiraling further down.

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