There are times where we feel like everything is going well, according to plan and others where we feel stuck. Nothing is moving and more often than not, it’s also a time where we feel lost.

We don’t know if what we are doing is right which really, very deeply, it’s more like us wondering what is wrong with us. What’s wrong with me. I suck. We associate that feeling of stagnancy with us. There is some guilt behind it. If things are not moving, it’s my fault. That’s how we see it but being stuck on a thought like this won’t help with getting back on track.

(feeling stuck in life)

Well, first of all, if you are currently experiencing that feeling of stagnancy and guilt, I’d like to let you know my friend that you are not alone. A lot of us feel stagnant. And it’s nothing to take too personal. Life is in constant evolution, permanent movement.  It’s light and dark, good and bad, ups and downs, fast and slow and so on. So inevitably, as a part of life, there will be times where we grow and others where we are down.

You can see it as a cycle if you want. Whatever your situation is, it’s not permanent. It’s temporary.

(feeling stuck in life)

Then, why do we feel stagnant in the first place?

We feel stuck because we don’t feel like we’re making any progress, right? Well I’m coming back to what I just said about not feeling guilty about it. Unfortunately, sometimes we do have a part of responsibility in this because you know what? We tend to overlook our progress and achievements.

Sometimes it’s nothing to do with the cycle of life, sometimes it’s just us not seeing clearly. Sometimes and even most of the times, we achieve things and we don’t see it. We don’t stop to pay attention to see it. That’s where our responsibility is.

I’ve said that in the episode talking about habits .  if you wrote down everything you did in the day or in the week or in the month, and paid attention to it, you’d probably notice you’re nowhere near what you used to be or do before.

(feeling stuck in life)

Sometimes, we just need to see that we are not stagnant. It stops being about what we feel, to be about what we see. But only you can take note of you, your behaviours and your actions. And of course, I’m referring to a situation where you are trying and taking some actions. Because as much as I believe in miracles, I don’t think things are going to get done by themselves for you to write down in the first place.

The next element to think about is less… why do we feel stagnant but rather why are we stagnant? If it’s not a lack of us not checking up on our achievements, maybe the answer is in the what’s causing me to be stagnant in the first place?

The best question to ask yourself in this situation is : am I avoiding repeating the same past mistakes, am I trying different paths? Or am I going through the same patterns? Over and over again.

Well if you failed many times in the past and you keep using the same recipe to get you out of your problems, probability is it’s not going work. You have to explore new things, new ways with a new thinking and a new mindset. Get to do what you don’t usually do.

Which I get it is the hard bit because feeling unsecure and in doubt while walking through those new paths is the last thing we want on top of being lost. But it has to be done. New opportunities are not going to unfold if you keep repeating the same old stuff just because you’re more comfortable with it. The formula has to change.

(feeling stuck in life)

But with that said, I want to take the opportunity to say… please also give yourself a break. Yes some things have to change, yes you can try and identity what’s wrong, yes you can do this this and this but it doesn’t have to be now.

And you don’t have to do it all at once. If you’re mentally exhausted, give yourself a break. The truth is, the more mentally exhausted you are, the less likely you’ll see things clearly anyway so there’s no point in trying to rush things.

The universe is not in a rush. We are. Whatever is meant for us, whatever will work for us, will do at the right time, when the time comes.

So remember to be kind to yourself. And grateful for the small things you do every day. If you do things, even small, you’re not stagnant. That’s where your strength is.

One day you’ll wake up, and everything will seem clearer in your head. Just be patient.

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