Dreams and goals keep us going. They keep us focused on life. Not being motivated to move forward in time might make your life feel dull. You won’t enjoy the things you’re used to and you will start losing hope and purpose. But if you keep your inner mind fuelled with motivation, life could become easier and more colourful. That’s why I thought of telling you about 15 bad habits that are killing your motivation.

1. Not having goals

Life can be pretty uninspiring without a clear direction or purpose. If you don’t have goals, you will easily become dissatisfied with your life. You will eventually become demotivated if you don’t know what you should do next, or where your life is headed. So don’t just stay until a fairy comes along and tells you what to do. Start planning today. Make a list of all the things you want to do. Find out what you want out of your life. You have to determine your destination and how you will achieve it, because no one is going to do it for you. Then you’ll be focused and motivated to achieve your dreams with every passing minute.

2. Waiting for motivation

We humans have a high tendency to live in fantasies. We wait until the universe shows us a sign. I wish it always worked that way but believe me, that doesn’t happen. Many people think they need the motivation to act. But motivation usually comes after action. Your emotions and environment influence your motivation. So the best way to boost your motivation is to alter your emotions or your environment. If you closely monitor your motivation levels before and during a workout, you’ll notice an increase in motivation towards the end rather than the start. Nothing motivates more than taking action, which causes an emotional shift and changes your environment. If you need a fitness motivation nudge, make sure you check out my Instagram Fitness page @zinefit.!

3. Looking for instant results

In this era, everything’s just a fingertip away isn’t it? With a simple click, you can pay all your bills, order whatever your heart desires, and book a ticket to your favourite destination. And we love that. But not everything is that easy. Most of the critical processes of your future or health takes time: obtaining a degree, learning new skills, losing weight or some of the things we have to spend time on. There are just things we can’t expect immediate results on. If you’re too focused on getting quick results, you’ll be disappointed most of the time. This habit will kill your motivation, because you’ve trained your mind to hope for sudden results. And when you don’t get them your mind will quite easily give up.

4. Getting bored easily

The big picture is often more interesting than the details. But to get from where you are to where you want to be, you must work on the details. Getting bored with something is totally understandable. But you giving up because of boredom is irrational- either break that bad habit or find another way to keep you engaged. If your goal is to lose weight but you find running extremely boring, you may lose motivation. Finding another calorie burning activity is critical in this case. If you own a business that requires you to do many tedious tasks, and it’s draining your motivation, hire someone else to do them.

5. Not trying to be innovative

As I said, if you’re getting bored, you need to invent things that won’t make you bored. So having an innovative mindset is the key to staying motivated. You need to keep your motivation by coming up with new ideas. If motivation is like gasoline, new ideas are like the gas pump. You will discover new ideas and connect to old ones by reading, thinking and talking with others. This way you can solve problems while keeping your tank full.

6. Desire to be perfect

People frequently believe that in order to be more productive, they must do everything flawlessly. And just thinking about them is enough to destroy their motivation. If you strive for perfection, you will waste a lot of time and energy while lowering your work’s quality because you’re likely to go over the same thing over and over again to ensure nothing goes wrong, which eats up time that you could use to complete the entire task. The fear of not being able to achieve perfection will make you give up on the job before you even attempt it.

7. Procrastinating

Sometimes you have a masterpiece in mind, but you keep telling yourself I’ll do it tomorrow, so it never sees the light of day. Consider how many of your dreams have died slowly as a result of procrastination. You can no longer afford to do so. In the long run, you’ll realise that this habit kills your motivation and makes you doubt yourself and your abilities. Frequent procrastination wastes valuable time leaving you an hour a day or a year behind schedule. Procrastination can prevent you from meeting deadlines and completing tasks. It not only consumes your time, but also takes you away from opportunities, some of which could have changed your entire life.

8. Not encouraging yourself

We love it when someone compliments us on what we’ve done or achieved in life. But we generally only give that encouragement to the people close to us, who means so much to us. Aren’t yourself someone worth that much? Why not encourage yourself rather than wait for someone else to give you that pat on your back? You will feel more rewarded and motivated. If you find a way to encourage yourself, whether it’s through notes, emails, or even a special treat, you will naturally feel uplifted. Remember to treat yourself as you would like others to treat you.

9. Not saying no

When someone says no to a request or demand, it’s quite common to get upset. And when we have to say no to others, we have that fear that people won’t like us as much anymore so we tend not to say no. But always accepting other people’s demands before yours
will exhaust you mentally and physically. And eventually, you’ll lose motivation. Your capacity, time and energy is limited so be selfish at times: learn to say no, at least once in a while.

10. Multitasking

We have a lot of work to do these days, whether it’s offline or online. As a result, many people prefer to multitask at the same time in order to complete all of their pending tasks. When you multitask, you may believe you’re doing several things at once. Still, in reality, you’re simply switching your attention between tasks, and not truly concentrating on any of them. You will only be putting a lot of pressure on your brain, which results in sloppy and messy work. As a result, it seriously undermines your motivation and productivity while draining your energy.

11. Pulling regular all nighters

Many people nowadays consider the night as the best time to complete their tasks because they believe that if they sacrifice sleep for their work, they will not fall behind. The truth is that a great day starts the night before. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may lose motivation for the next day. It’s simply because sleep deprivation can cause brain fog, in which the brain is naturally unable to function at its best. It is okay to pull an all nighter if you must to do a given task before a deadline. But making it a regular habit is not healthy.

12. Getting distracted

No matter how focused you are, distractions will constantly appear from all directions. Give into them and your focus will be thrown off track. And if you stay off track for too long, your motivation will deteriorate. Simple as that.

13. Not believing in yourself

Who will believe in you if you keep wasting time and energy criticising yourself? When you’re feeling down; remind yourself of one thing you did well. It will feel strange to make it a habit at first, but you will soon realise that you’re doing better than you thought. When you’re happy about yourself, and when you can genuinely admire yourself, your motivation will get a genuine boost.

14. Comparing

This one is so hard to break. Comparing yourself to others is the quickest way to lose motivation and even self-esteem. You are not others. Others are not you. We don’t have the same lives. What works for me might not work for you and vice-versa. Accept yourself for who you are and be happy with it. Comparing will never help you achieve anything but low confidence.

15. Not thinking about your health

In this rat race, we always tend to forget our health but really, we can’t separate our body and mind. You think if you can keep the mind awake, the body will always follow with the “you can do whatever you put your mind to” mantra. While this is true when you are trying to achieve goals and meet deadlines, this has a limit. The body will start to shut down and before you realise it, your brain will too, leading to poor decisions and lack of motivation. I’ve never seen a successful person not having sleep and rest as a habit in their daily routine. So always prioritise your health no matter what.

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