Having a love for running does not mean it cannot get boring at times. Running at the same time with the same trainers on the same route can get monotonous and dull, and make you lose excitement over time. I thought I’d share with you 5 quick tips to make your run more fun.

Woman running half marathon in London
1. Trail Running- change of scenery

I think the lack of scenery variety is probably the most common source of boredom when it comes to running. Being a runner for a long time, I just know when I need to switch it up a bit. I am lucky enough to be living near Hyde Park, one of the most beautiful parks in London. It’s huge so I do get to train in different parts of it. But I’ll very quickly run in the same parts over and over again and although I do love that park very much, it seems not to be enough to keep me excited on the long run. Trail running is a great way to not only experience beautiful views but it also adds a lot of variety because of the terrain change. If you’re tired of flat roads, trail running will spice up your running by adding physical challenges with your body constantly trying to adjust to the ground .I consider this fun!

2. Track Running/ Sprints

This is personally one of my favourites. I do have to say I have always liked sprinting since a very young age so it might not be your preference. But it definitely does spice up your running and improve your endurance and stamina. It involves running as fast as possible and then taking a certain period of rest. You can either do distance intervals, ie 50m sprint/45 secs recovery for example, or timed intervals, ie sprint for 30 seconds and rest for 90 seconds. It’s a great way to improve your endurance and stamina. You’ll notice improvement if you incorporate this type of session once or twice a week in your training. Additionally, just like trails, surface changes so your body adjusts to it.

3. Listen to New Playlists & Change Gear

This one works wonders for me! Although I said earlier that running the same parts of Hyde Park can get boring, I feel running the same route with a  different playlist completely different! It’s fascinating how senses can affect your whole perception of your surroundings. I also like to change my gear and have fun with it. Not every fit has to be perfect, sometimes it’s just about having fun and going out there.

4. Run With Community

I’m not sure why I am only bringing this toward the end of my tips list but community running will probably change your life for the best. I would consider myself a solo runner, ie I just love running at my own pace, with my music and my thoughts. But community running hits different. As a runner (if you are), you probably know about how universal running is. Well in community, it cannot make more sense. It’s about seeing and living everyone’s different journeys together. It really is different to put words to it until you experience it. The beauty of it is in the fact that you don’t have to be very social or have friends in a running group because runners welcome runners and understand runners the way no one else does! Isn’t this not right? When you run alone, you run fast but when you run together you run far.

5. Running Hills

I am not too sure whether fun would be the word for this haha because hill running is tough but what we want is changing our routine and try and do different things to say bye to boredom. So this is it! It helps develop the strength and power required for performance. It is often part of athletes training because hill running has too many benefits to be ignored.

Here you go! Here were 5 tips to make your run more fun. I hope you enjoyed this read and I’ll make sure to share some more fitness and health tips, be it running, lifting or stretching. 

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