Recently I traveled to three “new” countries – meaning it was my first time setting foot there, namely Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania (so in total I have been to 96 countries. Uhuy!). These three Balkan countries are located in Europe, but are not part of the European Union (except Croatia) or Schengen, but I can enter without a visa. Why? Because I have a multiple-entry Schengen visa . How do you get the visa, even if it’s valid for 4 years? Read the tip here .

Even though Indonesian passport holders need a visa to almost all countries in the world, now there are dozens of countries that are visa-free or only VOA (Visa on Arrival). List of countries here . In addition, there are countries that free visas for Indonesian citizens on the condition that they have one of the “magic” visas which are generally Schengen, USA, UK (United Kingdom), Canada, Australia, or New Zealand visas.

At the time of writing, there are 25 countries that are visa-free for Indonesian citizens if they have one of these magic visas. But remember, this magic visa must be valid, multiple-entry type (free of entry and exit multiple times), and has been used in the visa-making country. I have proven this by visiting some of these countries without a visa, such as Andorra, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Mexico, Georgia and Taiwan. For some other countries, the information is taken from various online sources.

Our Lady of the Rocks, Montenegro.

The following is a list of the 25 countries that have visa waiver regulations , aka visa exemption if you have a visa from a certain country;

  1. Albania : Schengen visa.
  2. Andorra : Schengen visa.
  3. Anguilla : UK visa.
  4. Antigua and Barbuda : USA/Canada/Schengen/UK visa and pay a visa fee .
  5. Argentina : apply for an ETA (electronic travel authorization) if you have a USA type B2 visa or a type C Schengen visa with a minimum validity period of 3 months and pay a fee of USD 50 for a maximum stay of 90 days. Note, an Indonesian citizen friend once tried but still couldn’t! cis!
  6. Belize : US visa.
  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina : Schengen visa for a maximum stay of 15 days.
  8. British Virgin Islands : Canada/USA/UK visa valid for at least 6 months prior to arrival.
  9. Bulgaria : Schengen visa.
  10. Georgia : Canada, USA, UK, Schengen, Japan, South Korea, Australia, or New Zealand visa.
  11. Honduras : Canada, USA, or Schengen visa.
  12. South Korea : USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand visa, as long as you have a plane ticket to one of these countries from/to a third country and leave within a maximum of 30 days.
  13. Kosovo : Schengen visa for a maximum stay of 15 days.
  14. Costa Rica : Schengen, Canadian, Japanese, South Korean, or USA visa, for a maximum stay of 90 days.
  15. Croatia : Schengen visa.
  16. North Macedonia : Schengen visa with a minimum validity of 5 days before arrival.
  17. Mexico : USA visa.
  18. Montenegro : Schengen or USA visa with a minimum validity of 7 days before arrival.
  19. Panama : USA/UK/Canada/Australia/Schengen visa, and pay a tourist card of USD 30 upon arrival.
  20. Dominican Republic : Canada, USA, or Schengen visa for a maximum stay of 30 days and pays a fee of USD 10.
  21. Romania : Schengen visa.
  22. São Tomé and Príncipe : USA or Schengen visa with passport valid for a minimum of 3 months and can stay a maximum of 15 days.  
  23. Cyprus : Schengen visa.
  24. Taiwan : apply online for a Travel Authorization Certificate if you have a USA/Canada/South Korea/UK/Schengen/Australia/New Zealand visa.
  25. Turks and Caicos Islands : Canadian, UK, or USA visa.

As a back up , if I go to a “strange” country, I can confirm this by printing the visa waiver regulations from the official website of the government of the destination country or sending an email to the embassy to show to the immigration officer if needed. Understandably, sometimes sono officers don’t even know what Indonesia is. Serious!

Visa regulations often change due to political situations or even pandemics. In essence, always double check visa regulations before leaving for the destination country. Let’s go!

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