Looking through before and after images of some of the most ancient and famous cities around the world can provide an awesome insight into the dynamics of humanity and the way we adapt to our environments.

From cities that have grown through trade and commercial endeavors, to those that have been re-built following wars and natural disasters, here are 23 before and after photos of some incredible cities around the world.


Dubai city

In the long distant past, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf, was known as a fishing village and a trading port. Rapid growth came in the 1970s and 1980s when an international airport was built as a stopover point, and the area became known for its trade in oil. These days, Dubai is the largest and most populated city in that region – and a tourist mecca.


Amazing city

Singapore, in South-East Asia, has ongoing land reclamation projects to increase the land area available for use. Since the 1960s, Singapore has increased their total land area by around 23 percent (or by 130 square kilometers) through land reclamation, and this is set to continue until at least 2030.

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